Hello! Welcome to my blog, It's shiny and new! And so is this beautiful baby girl! When our sweet Garnet Eve was born it changed everything! You might think that adding number 5 wouldn't be much after a healthy crew of 4, but wow, when she came, life has been so different. By different, I politely mean a little more difficult, okay I really mean life is hard now. Nothing as fully prepared me for having 5 children, especially 4 under the age of 4. Yes thats right the last 4 are all 15 months apart almost to the day! We may be short on diapers and food if I have to skip that 3rd grocery run for the week, because someone is having a melt down, not excluding myself here, but one thing we are not short on is love. Watching them grow every day reminds me that we can all thrive even in the more restless or craziest of moment. This are my people, they are the reason a I get up and face the day.

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