• Frame design consulting 
  • Acid free matting and foamcore substrates
  • Conservation and Reflective control glass
  • Image mounting / Drymounting
  • Archival hinging 
  • Canvas stretching
  • Custom matting, mulitiple opening
  • Wide variety of Custom mouldings 
  • Hand wrapped liners / Fabric matting
  • Fillets and special design features
  • Object framing and shadow boxes
  • Glass replacements
  • Limited art restoration processes
  • Hanging and installation services
  • Production framing, serving businesses, artists and galleries.

Call for Art! Our framing team is a group of inspired listeners, we listen to you so we find that special thing to bring to the design. What are your framing needs? How can we best fit this into your current decor? Is this a special gift for someone? How do you feel when you look at it?

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